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Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

Thank you for the recent advice about not letting the repair guy touch the stove. I talked to the installers and told them that I was uneasy letting their guy repaint the stove and that I wanted some kind of guarantee, in writing, for the work done. I then asked how they planned on completing the job and he told me they were going to sand, prime and paint while it was inplace. Then I put my foot down and said that the stove needs to removed from the house to do the work, they are not sanding, priming and painting while it sits inside the house.
The installer called back the next day and said he has contacted a local stove shop that has experience refinishing stoves and that they would be handling everything. The stove will be removed from the house and taken elsewhere to be refinished. Of course they will be doing this next week when the weather is suppose to turn pretty cold. Hopefully there is a quick turnaround time for this.
Once again- thank you to everyone who has offered advice. All of it has been very useful.
One more thing... our new carpet has arrived and they will reinstall the new carpet after the stove has been returned. I'll tell you now that my wife and I will be present during the install and they will be watched the entire time they are in the house.

Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

As much trouble as these guys have given you, make sure it actually does go to a stove shop and not Joe's uncle Fred's garage.

For future reference, one product that I am especially impressed with for removing adhesives is De-Solv-It. It's a citrus solvent (from what I understand, it's pure citrus oil). It's completely non-toxic, containing no petroleum products and no VOCs. It was used for cleaning birds fouled during the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It has a pleasant odor and won't make you dizzy. It won't soften plastic like Goo-Gone and others will. It will damage latex paint. In fact, it's so good the manufacturer had a hard time keeping the labels on the bottles for many years until they found an adhesive that was resistant to their product.

De-Solv-It is kind of expensive at around $8-10 per bottle, but worth every penny.

Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

Update: We have received our woodstove back from the folks that refinished it.It looks quite nice to be honest. Thankfully that part of the mess is over now all we need is to have the replacement carpet installed and this can be over.
Does anyone know if we can file a complaint against the installer to be reimbursed for burning only heating oil during this time? We burned through quite a bit of heating oil over the past 2 weeks and if we had our wood stove, that would not have happened.
Once again, thanks to everyone for all of the advice, it has been very useful, and educational too!

A. Spruce
Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

You might have a small claims court case, but do you really want to go through all that hassle for a couple hundred bucks?

Hopefully, the lesson learned here is that you do not use Evil Orange as a supplier nor installer of anything in your home. I realize that the installers are independent contractors, and not all of them are bad, but Evil Orange is a bad company, so why would you trust anything or anyone they provide to you?

This is also another prime example of where "cheaper" is never cheaper. Any money that you might have saved went out the window when the carpet glue was first spilled and the fight to get it corrected began. I would bet that the quality of work from these installers is also sub-par, decreasing the life expectancy of the products.

A good amount of my career has been spent trying to educate clients on the true cost of "cheap". The next time you need work done, remove money from the equation. Yes, there will be a budget, but don't walk into it with the restriction of only having $XX dollars to spend. In my experience, clients only think in terms of expense, not what they truly want, which is how the problems that you've experienced are created.

Next time, determine exactly what it is you want, rather than what you think you can afford. Ask at least three contractors in to submit bids. Talk with them and get their experience with the situation and materials involved for ideas of where it's ok to save a little money and where your better off to spend a little more somewhere to prevent problems in the future.

Ask for options, such as the difference between vinyl, wood, and tile flooring, and ask that the bids be line itemed so that you can see how YOUR choices will affect the overall cost of the project. Then you can pick and choose the things you want, and ultimately choose the price you're willing to pay to get it. What you will find is that for the same price you expected to pay or just slightly more, you will have exactly what you want and love, rather than settling for what you thought was affordable. Quality is not expensive when compared to the hassles and/or replacement of "cheap". Quality craftsmanship is also equally affordable.

Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

***! I can't believe you're getting all this headache from someone else's mistake. I would be FUMING. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all this.

Now, here's what I immediately thought to do. Granted I'm no professional, but what if you turned on the fireplace to melt the bottle again so it isn't hard. Then turn it off and remove it when it's liquid. Could that possibly be a solution? Not sure, again, you'd think the professional that came over would have a better solution.

Good luck!

Re: how to remove carpet glue from wood stove

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