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Holly H.
how to question - new lighting fixture

My kitchen has 3 recessed canned lights. I want to have a pendant light over my kitchen sink but there is no existing fixture. Is there a way to tie in a new fixture with the wiring from one of the existing recessed lights? This sink is near an exterior wall so crawling in the attic to run wiring is next to impossible. Any suggestions?

Re: how to question - new lighting fixture

Holly, if the existing recessed lights are in the same cavity you could drop the light down and splice into it's junction box. Then just install an "old work" box for the new pendant light.

But, chances are the sink light would come on with the recessed light.

You didn't say if the new sink light location was even reachable from the attic, is so you could drill a hole for the new box and push some wire into the attic (with a loop). Hook the loop in the attic and drag it away from the outside wall. Then wire it into one of the recessed can light junction boxes.

Holly H.
Re: how to question - new lighting fixture

Thanks Maurice - to answer about the location - it is against an exterior wall - and attic access has been a question. It would be a task to reach the wiring in the attic. Any suggestions?

Re: how to question - new lighting fixture

There is a product called glow rods, which can be bought at Home Depot, that when screwed end to end can reach about 20 feet.

I often do what you need to do by cutting the 4" hole, (in between ceiling joists) then inserting enough rods to reach the attic access. It's then just a matter of pulling in clothesline then wire to a convenient source of power.

If you can't reach a switch, with the wire, be sure to purchase a pendant light with a switch near the lamp.

Re: how to question - new lighting fixture

What Maurice said plus;

Since you are working with a pendant light, you can use an "old work" box to hang the pendant.

1- Cut the hole for the pendant junction box.
2- Vacuum up all the insulation that fell into the sink.
3A- Remove a can light from below
3B- Locate a can light in the attic
4- Tap into the can light junction box with new romex
5- Send that new romex over to the pendant box hole. If working from below this may take a few tries but keeps you out of the attic. If working from the attic, you can reach pretty far over to the new hole with the wire.
6- Standing over the sink, Thread the wire into the pendant box
7- Test wire for correct connections
8- Install pendant box
9- install pendant

Re: how to question - new lighting fixture

There are kits you can buy that have a screw base to attach to the socket in the recessed housing and then hang a pendant off that kit. Instant pendant! They're not as pretty as if you do a permanent change, but then pendants are a fad, just like recessed were (and still are). These styles come and go all the time. I wouldn't bother making the change, unless the level of lighting is really poor, but there are other solutions.

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