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Proud Mom
How to paint the outside of a composite garage door

We have recently replaced our wood garage door with a composite one. We want to paint it to match the color of our home, which is a Cabot solid oil based stain in a "dark" Mission Brown. Can we use the solid oil based stain and is there a trick to applying it to a composite material. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: How to paint the outside of a composite garage door

You should check with the supplier of the door or the manufactruer as to what is recommended .... I suspect you have wood siding on the house and likely would need a paint for the garage door.

Just a thought.:)

Re: How to paint the outside of a composite garage door

Proud Mom,

I would generally concur with Canuck's advice. My bias would be to priming the door with a full bodied oil based exterior primer on all faces and edges, both interior and exterior. Deep based primers are available which can be tinted down toward the finish color. I would finish the door with two coats of the acrylic version of Cabot's stain. The acrylic stain is much more color fast then the oil version. I would also use the solid hide stain on the body of the house for the same reason.

By "composite", I assume you mean a door made of a "Masonite" type compressed wood. If protected from the influence of water with a good protective coat of primer and stain or paint, it should last for many years. I also assume that this door has a one piece outer cladding and not the panel type construction where the composite is used for the panel within a wooden frame. These panel doors are much more prone to deterioration as the panels move with the stresses of going up and down and eventually allow water to work into the joints.

J Roper
Re: How to paint the outside of a composite garage door

Composite materials such as compressed fiber board recommend latex products. If there are panels in the door that are fiberboard, they should be caulked to keep out water. use a high quality elastomeric caulk so it will expand and contact.If the design is molding into the door then first prime the door with a latex primer and then paint it with an acrylic latex paint. Oil based products do not expand and contract and will make the paint crackle and peel.

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