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How to Paint A Hot Water Pole?


I just moved to a new apartment and there is an extremely hot water pole (floor to ceiling) in my bathroom. It stays hot year round regardless of my settings as it delivers hot water throughout the building. I cannot turn it off. It is currently painted white but is rusty in certain areas and desperately needs a new coat of paint. I should note that by extremely hot I mean untouchable by hand. What's the best way to paint it?

Thank you!!

Re: How to Paint A Hot Water Pole?

how about boxing it in as a safety measure then you can paint the box. that would not be a fire hazzard at all.

Re: How to Paint A Hot Water Pole?

I have a similar paint job--but not so hot. I have a steam radiator pole going through the dining room of my house. (Once the weather is warmer and the heat is off, I can work on a cool pipe.) But the problem is otherwise the same, the pipe was painted and now is peeling terribly and a bit rusty. I want to remove the paint before I paint because it is flaking off in stiff curls that would still be unsightly under paint. How would I remove paint on a steel pipe? What sort of paint would be good on a pipe that oscillates between cool and very hot in the winter, and stays cool all summer?

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