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MLB Construction
How to make your own tools

you might call this "overkill." this guy needs a new handle for his giant chisel so to make the handle he builds a home made lathe by hand and with scrap materials. extremely impressive.


Re: How to make your own tools

Must have a lot of spare time.


Re: How to make your own tools

What I want to know is how much coffee he drank to get his leg to move that fast. :eek:

MLB Construction
Re: How to make your own tools

it was also fun to watch it sped up....made it look like he did it in an hour. probably took a week or two

A. Spruce
Re: How to make your own tools

That was pretty darned amazing. I don't have the patience for that kind of hand work.

Re: How to make your own tools

***, this guy is really aspiring to be amish, I like how he used tapered dowels and pins on the whole thing instead of nails ... I dont have the patience for that. This whole movie kind of reminded me of the scene in the beginning of "40 year old virgin" where he is going through his daily morning routine

? why does this forum censor w o w?

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