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How to make a tree wake up earlier

In my garden I like to grow a mini orchard of fruit trees. When we moved to our new home in New Jersey
I planted several different fruit trees (3 Smyrna quince and 3 different varieties of Asian Pears,
All of which required other Asian pear species to polenate, these three are supposed to be a
Polenating match for each other.) All 6 trees were received as bare root plantings from the same
Source, nursery, and all are treated the same in essentially identical conditions, very good
Conditions for fruit trees. All of them thrive greatly. To the best of my knowledge all three Asian pears are
Grafted on the same type of host.
Now comes the conundrum which I have not experienced ever before: one of Asian pear trees,
Korean variety, behaves like your typicall teenager for all these 4 years: goes to sleep really,
Really late and wakes up really, really late.... in calendar terms. Leaves typically turn yellow
In early to mid December and by Christmas time not all leaves have yet fallen down. In spring,
Buds do not open 'till early May. It is May 8 and they just started opening... Quince and other
Asian pears in this climate typically turn leaves yellow in October and by early November
All leaves are gone, waking up in early March.
To add to the conundrum, these 4 years we have had very different winters, warm and cold,
Wet and dry, starting early and late. Hence, I am convinced that the pattern of this single
Tree is its own, not weather-influenced.
Is there some way I can influence this cycle? Particularly for pollination purposes as by
The time this one flowers, other two have long done and dusted.
What would be the cause?

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