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How to make or buy 8 x 8 columns for a porch?

I need 8x8 wood columns about 11' long. I will be chamfering the corners but otherwise square, in order to match the originals on my historic home. I can't find them anywhere.

Home Depot stocks an 8" x 8" that is 5" x 5" and change, and even if I (and the historic committee) was willing to settle for something that terrible they only sell 10' lengths. I found one lumberyard that says they have an actual 6x6 and sell 1 inch cedar boards I could then wrap it with. Though I am doubtful 6 = 6 and 1 = 1 and am hesitant to drive out that far to find out. Also I'm a little worried about a 1" chamfer on a 1" board, but it's my best option so far.

I thought about ripping some fir 2x10s and 2x12s and making a hollow column, but I read they they might twist like crazy when I rip them.

Any suggestions?

Re: How to make or buy 8 x 8 columns for a porch?

First, I expect you'll use a butt joint all the way around, so you'll only need 2"x8"s trimmed to 6.5".
That plus the 1.5" on the next one gets you 8" all around.

Then once you get them screwed together into a box shape, they'll prevent wach other from warping.

Obviously, you'll want to watch out for getting the screws too close to the corners you'll be trimming.

If it were my project, I'd be willing to try one first and see what does or doesn't work.


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