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how to landscape around spruce tree

I have a 3 story high pine tree in my front yard that barely has any grass growing around it. The area I am looking to landscape from the fence to the side walk is approximately 15x 15. I am interested in learning what I can use to cover the area so that there is no longer any grass showing as there is not much there to grow anyways. I am thinking to use mulch as it is natural product. I also need some advice on how to do it. eg. do i need to put down a membrane to prevent any grass from growing, what is the best type of mulch to use, etc.


Re: how to landscape around spruce tree

Pick up a landscape book (or something like sunset mag) and get some creative ideas, then choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Send photos plz.

Re: how to landscape around spruce tree

If you get nursery catalogs in the mail, just look for deep shade living plants that have a hardiness rating for your zone. If you don't get those catalogs in eh mail, then just google for nursery catalogs, there are plenty.

A local nursery can also help with plant selection. I would recommend that you use a weed killer like Round Up a week or two before planting. Be sure to look for a mix of evergreen plants and perennial plants. You should also leave a little room for planting some annuals or if you are not that much into gardening, plant a few annuals that are known for reseeding naturally in your area, but be careful for reseeders that are classified as invasive in your area.

Re: how to landscape around spruce tree

Pine trees drop their needles and become their own mulch, choking out almost everything underneath. If you have ever walked through a pine forest, it is obvious that there is little underbrush. It has kind of a naturalized look. I would probably just leave the needles alone. Also, the soil under a pine will be very acidic, limiting what could grow there.

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