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How to keep an attic drain for A/C condensation clean

I have a drain in my attic that both AC units drain their condensation into. My house is about 15 years old now, and the drain is PVC.

Unfortunately, I have never thought about the drain in the attic, and it obviously doesn't get any water to drain except during the summer, and there is no water pressure to help keep the drain clean.

Just recently (last week), the drain clogged from (I guess) dirt from the coils, algae and who knows what else. I had to get roto-rooter out to unclog the drain, and we have spent the last 4 days sleeping in different rooms in the house, since the insurance company has ServPro drying out the bedroom.

Oh, did I mention that the AC units are located right above the master bedroom?

So... after they get everything dryed out and the ceiling in the bedroom replaced, my question is what can I put down the attic drain on a regular basis to keep this from happening again?

Your site talks about using Vinegar to clear a clog, and some other folks suggested using Clorox once a year, and the roto-rooter technician said they had a product that cost about $50.00 per gallon, but didn't know anything about the product itself.

I would like to hear from the experts on this, since I haven't got a clue what I should use to keep this drain clean.

Ken Greenwood

Re: How to keep an attic drain for A/C condensation clean

Use bleach once a year and to unclog the drain try hooking up a shop vac to the drain.


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