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How to join two (different) floor surfaces?

Hello all,

First message here.

I recently bought a 1900 farm house, and as you can see in the attached picture, it has a tile floor running parallel to a wooden floor in the kitchen/sunroom area.

The length is about 12 feet. The tile at one end is about 1/2" higher than the wood -- the difference decreases at a similar rate to the other end, where the difference is roughly 1/32".

I'd like to join these two surfaces somehow that looks neat (and won't stub yr toes!), but I'm at a loss for how to tackle this one.

Any help appreciated!

Re: How to join two (different) floor surfaces?

Welcome to TOH blog. I would suggest a piece of flat trim that you can plane down with a hand planer but damn, to 1/32", that's a tough one.  Oh the joys of an old house. Just mainly wanted to say I have the same problem but not on a length that long. If only the run wasn't so long, and the height difference was constant. Can those variables change? Good luck.

Re: How to join two (different) floor surfaces?

Installing what is known as a door way saddle seems the best option is you have the proper equipment. Get an Oak 1 X 4 long enough to run the distance. Cut a slant on one side from about the middle of the board down to about ¼" on the edge. slide it into place against the raised floor and scribe the hight on the edge of the board. Wit a saw cut along the scribded line about ½" deep the cut the strip outthe full lenth. Tapper tha side down to remove the trip danger as best as you can.


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