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how to install a toilet flexible hose

I want to replace the solid pipe connector from the water main to the toilet tank with a flexible hose. Is this something I can do myself (note: I have no plumbing experience), or do I need to pay a plumber to accomplish this task? It looks like a simple matter of unscrewing both nuts, removing the solid pipe, and then threading the hose's connecting nuts on. But I'm afraid to just jump in: how many times does "looks simple" turn into a nightmare? Any step-by-step advice on how to do this myself would be so appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: how to install a toilet flexible hose

This may or may not be an easy repair that you may or may not need a plumber to handle for you, here's why.

If the supply line is integral to the anglestop (valve on the wall ), then the whole valve and tube must be replaced. With your self admitted abilities, I'd leave this to a plumber. It's not necessarily difficult to change it all out, but there are many variables than can turn it into a nightmare for a novice DIY'r.

If the supply tube is a separate piece, held by a nut at both ends, then yes you will be able to change this out to a braided hose all by yourself with little more than a pair of pliers or an adjustable end wrench (or both ). What you will need to do is select a new supply line that is for toilets, that will give you the proper size on one end. You must then match the threads on the anglestop to the other end of the braided hose. This sounds more difficult than it really is. Basically, turn off the water, remove the pipe and take it with you to the hardware store. The sales staff will help you match up a new braided hose to your solid pipe fittings. From there it's just a matter of installing the new hose and turning the water back on to test your work.:)

Re: how to install a toilet flexible hose

To add to what Spruce posted. When you install the new line do not over tighten. Turn the nuts hand tight and then give them and extra ¼ turn, slowly turn on the water and tighten a little more if there is a leak.

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