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How to install old slab 1 3/4' doors

I recently acquired some old slab 1 3/4' doors from an old police station. We got them from an auction for about $1.50 a piece. My husband and I thought it would be awesome to replace all of our cheapy hollow core doors in our house with these. My question is, is it even possible? Will the current door jams/frames hold a heavy door such as this or do we have to replace them also? I am not an expert in home improvement obviously and was curious if anyone had any input.
We had the best of intenstions, but I have a feeling this might be a total pain in the rear. Everyone told us we were crazy and the doors would be better off as workbenches...oh well.

Re: How to install old slab 1 3/4' doors

Yes it is possible to use them. You use langer screws on the hinges that go into the frame. You will also probably have to rout out, chisel out, or saw out part of the stops to size it for 1 and 3/4" thick doors. Of course the other thing is are they the exact size of the doors you want to replace. if not you may need to make new frames.


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Re: How to install old slab 1 3/4' doors

Your major problem is that modern interior jambs are set up with a 1-3/8" door stop (trim in the center of the jamb ). While you can probably "make" the thicker doors work, they're not going to look right unless you move the door stop trim forward in the openings to accommodate the extra 3/8" thick doors.

If the doors you're installing are solid core, then you will have to install a third hinge, as again, most modern interior doors only have two and you will need the extra hinge to help out with the added weight of a solid core door.

If you want to move the stop trim, then run a knife down either side of it to cut through the paint, then carefully get under the trim with a small pry bar and work it loose. Another option would be to take the new doors to a door shop and have them fabricate new jambs and hang the doors for you, then you would remove your existing doors and install the new jamb/door combo.

Whatever you decide to do, changing the doors is going to be a major effort, for a variety of reason.

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Re: How to install old slab 1 3/4' doors

i agree with both answers but if it was me, i would take a different approach.

i would have new door jambs made. i'm assuming that you might be changing the trim also. if you get new door jambs made you can match the type of wood the new doors are made of. this would be important especially if you're going to be staining the the trim. also, since you're installing a rather heavy door, you can get beefed up jambs that are a little thicker. the idea is to make the doors look like they belong there and not like they were retrofitted.

Re: How to install old slab 1 3/4' doors

I agree with all answers above. You will need to customize your door jambs so that these doors fit in correctly.

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