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how to increase the power supply

i have 100 amp service which is about thirty years old and seems fine until i use more than one appliance a circut, a carpet cleaner and television on at the same time blows the circuit. microwave and coffee maker likewise. 10,000btu air conditioner operating at full tilt blows a circuit while another of the same in a different outlet doesn't.
what would be the best way to bring the power up and increase room for more breakers[i have only one slot left]. another panel or should i increase the power in to the house? i haven't contacted an electrician yet but would not do anything without one. i just don't want to sound that stupid. i don't want to be oversold.

Re: how to increase the power supply

Hey Rich1,

It is never stupid to admit that you don't know something. Working with electricity is especially dangerous, electrocution, fire, etc. My only recommendation is that you look in the phone book for a electrician that has a Master's license. This is most often a large vote of confidence. Having said that, 100 amp service is a 100 amp service. Increasing the load does not up the capacity of the service entrance and a 100 amp meter is also a fixed property. AWG (wire size) comes into play here. The size of the conductor (wire) must match the amp load drawn thru it. In terms I can understand, Amps = resistance, Volts = how many little electrical genies can jump thru and off of a wire and at what rate. You can't do a thing by yourself, basically. You probably want to see if 200 amp service to your home is a viable option. If so, the meter will be replaced, the service entrance, ( wires to the panel ) might need to be upgraded, and then the panel will be replaced with a 200 amp panel. From there the rest is easy, ** for a licensed and competent electrician. Hopes this helps.

Timothy Miller
Re: how to increase the power supply

Howdy, getting a bid or 3 - i likie 3- if several bids tell same recommendations it is probably correct and price vaires allot some times. You will connect with some contractors an not others etc.

The upgrade may be as easy as adding a small sub panel and installing a second small applicance circuit in the kitchen. A;so if theexisting small appliancecircuit is GFI protected you may be getting gost tripping . This is resolved by making each outlet its own GFI instead of one GFI and multible outlets...

Re: how to increase the power supply

A 100 amp service is usually more than enough for most homes except fully electric homes. If you trip a breaker it is because you are overloading that one circuit. If your house is wired with 14 ga wires, the breaker should be rated at 15 amps. To increase the allowable current the wiring would have to be replaced. For instance replacing a 14 ga cable with a 12 ga cable would allow you to use a 20 amp breaker. If you just have to many outlets on the same circuit, adding circuits will help. You can have more circuits added by adding a sub-panel and running the additional wiring. It is doubtful that you will get to the point that you trip the main breaker, most homes average less than 60 amp high draw unless you have electric heat.

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