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how to hide bathroom axcess panels

I live in a modular home and I am in the process of painting several of the rooms. Since this house was not built on location , the sheetrock has not been taped and jointed. I am looking for advise on how to make the axcess panels easy to get to without having to use the covering strips. The builders did not use two panels with a square edge when this house was built. Any Help would be kindly used.

Re: how to hide bathroom axcess panels

We just created a bathroom access panel for our raised garden tub, we got vinyl beadboard click together planks at (I think) Home Depot, cut them to the size of the top of the tile tub surround from the floor, liquid nailed them to thin plywood, then lquid nailed vinyl baseboard trim to the panel. We finished by screwing the panel to the tub framing using finish screws that are easily hidden by a little white caulk. If we ever need to open it up, we just have to take out 4 screws (and the caulk to get at them)and thats it. I don't know if this will help at all, but good luck!

A. Spruce
Re: how to hide bathroom axcess panels

There are several things that can be done, depending on the size of the access, need/frequency of access, and the location of the access.

You can install a face frame and cabinet door. The area can be trimmed with a "picture frame" - build a decorative frame and attach it to the wall with screws or hidden fastener. Other things can be done as well, depending on importance of access. If it's a plumbing access, for instance, change out the fixture and plumbing in the wall to a standard unit (not mobile home junk ) and seal up the access permanently.

Re: how to hide bathroom axcess panels

Thank you both for the great ideas. The axcess panel normaly covered the bath and shower plumbing (delta's). Was just looking for some Idea's since I am replacing the tub with a tiled shower. I still would like easy axcess to plumbing fixtures.

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