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How to Hang 100lb mirrors

Hey guys, I have a question in regards to, how to hang an approximately 100 pound mirror on to a wall.

I'm not sure how to go about it and I dont want to screw it up and have it fall down an injure someone.

It approximately 81 x 45 inches.

Any suggestion...???

Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors

Sorry, attached is the picture.

A. Spruce
Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors

Purchase weight rated hooks and install them as per the instructions with the designated fastener. Typically that will be with a lag screw into the framing of the wall. If you don't have one, get yourself a stud finder to locate the 2x4 framing. Before you predrill the hole for the screw, use a small gauge finish nail to probe and find the exact center of the stud, then drill the hole. If your mirror has a hanging cable, the hooks won't have to be exactly level, however, if the mirror has cleats on the back, then you'll have to make sure the mounting hooks are level.

Hope this helps.

Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors
Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors
doityourself wrote:

I was thinking about something like this on 4 corners.


this could work well you should make sure that your fasteners are long enough to support the weight with out pulling out, but my main concern would actually be the screws that went into the frame as well as the frame itself. as in, it is probally made out of a soft wood as well as the corners of the frame would need to be very strong. 100 lbs is a bit of weight

Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors

My husband who frames things like these for a living said that the hang man system would be the safest.

In my opinion the french cleat would work if you got it perfectly level. But then you have the bulk of the wood behind the frame where dust and creepy crawlies could gather.

You chose a beautiful frame.

Re: How to Hang 100lb mirrors

I still have not hung the mirror yet, some one else suggested this other hanger to me.

Its called the draywall claw by ook 55099.
It says it will support up to 200lb.

How about instead of the Z hanger use these one on each side.


The one on the link has 3 holes for the nail where as the one I bought has 5 nails. Not sure if it makes a difference but I thought there should be since they redesigned it.

These OOK drywall claw hangers are secured by 5 names and the hanger in to the drywall

were as the Z hanger will be secred in to drywall and stuff where found.

Also these OOk hangers, I do not have to drill any new holes in to the frame of the mirror.

With the Z hanger I will have to drill in to the mirror's frame.

I need peoples opinion on this please. The mirror has been sitting for ever.

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