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How to fix a damge done to a cabinet by a leaking sink?

Hello guys,

I had a leak in my kitchen faucet. I did not take it seriously but now I just found out the extent of the damage and dont know what to do. Here is what happened. The faucet leaked and the water went between the back of the faucet and the wall and damaged the laminate countertop and the wood to which it was glued on. Then after the wood absorbed all that water, the water apparently started dripping under the counter and the cabinet underneath the faucet got damaged. The peice of wood that goes behind the cabinet along the wall is all swollen and spongy and the base of the cabinet caved down after it weakend and got rotten due to the weight of the utensils lying on top of it. so now I dont know how to repair it and if I will be able to find the exact same material to replace everything that has damaged. I was thinking to cut the damaged part out and get the replacement material from home depot and nail/glue it back.

here is a link to the video of the damage done to the cabinet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2YnKNu-Lm4

Please let me know if you guys can give me some advice. If possible provide me with the 'how to do' video link or a write up with lots of pictures and most importantly an estimate of how much will the repair cost me.

Thank you everyone,

Re: How to fix a damge done to a cabinet by a leaking sink?

I encourage everyone to look at the damage for a better idea. Thank you.

Re: How to fix a damge done to a cabinet by a leaking sink?

Buy a new matching sink base, or buy something similar and mount you old doors to it. It's frameless, so there is no choice but to make or acquire a new cabinet. Live and/or learn.


A. Spruce
Re: How to fix a damge done to a cabinet by a leaking sink?

I agree, replacement of the cabinet and countertop will be the easiest method of repair. That cabinet looks like a Kraftmaid type, "kit" cabinet. Kit meaning you buy a box of parts and assemble it yourself, like you would with Ikea furniture. These don't lend themselves to repair very well due to the nature of their assemblage. Even if the cabinet is relatively salvageable (not likely from the extent of the visible damage and the probable damage that is hidden and yet to be found ) reconstruction to this extent isn't really a DIY project for the novice. On top of this, from the extent of the cabinet and top damage, you'll likely find a fair amount of damage to the wall and possibly the floor under the cabinet. You've had a lot of water sitting in there for a very long time.

If you are not comfortable in your abilities to disassemble the sink, faucet, countertop, and cabinet, and then be able to replace or repair the lot, I would recommend you seek help from a professional tradesman. As mentioned, you're probably going to find wall and floor damage as well that will need to be addressed before the new products are installed.

A couple of things. Take one of the cabinet doors off and take it to the store with you to match color and style. If the cabinet isn't too old, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting close. That countertop looks to be post formed, meaning it was built in a cabinet shop. That will make replacement a little more difficult because you'll have to have one custom made to match dimensions and profile. The good news is that you should also be able to match the color fairly well too, so you won't have to replace the entire top, just that side. Be prepared to replace the sink and the faucet as well. From the looks of the video, things are pretty corroded under there and you may not be able to get the old faucet off without damage. The sink retainers holding it to the countertop may also be corroded beyond reuse. Hold downs can be replaced, but if the sink itself is damaged, you'll have to replace it as well.

Re: How to fix a damge done to a cabinet by a leaking sink?

The counter top can not be repaired, it will need to be replaced. The cabinet is a cheap fiber board cabinet and repairing would coast more than replacing.

I would pull the counter top and the cabinet and check for additional damage to the floor under the cabinet and the wall behind it. Buy a new cabinet and counter top.

You might be able to save even more money if you can find a Habitat For Humanity store in your area.

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