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How to fireproof my furnace door

Need ideas!! In remodeling after Hurricane Katrina, code enforcement had me replace my hall furnace/a/c access door because it was too "narrow." My friend who was helping built a beautiful custom door with shelving that is inset between the studs just like he built at his house. Unfortunately, when the inspector came back he said the door would be too close to the gas furnace (my friend's heater is elect). The last 2 winters I have been just taking the door down when the heater is running and put it back up in the summer when the a/c is running. When the door is closed, it's about 3/4" to 1" away from the furnace. Can I line this door with a fire-proof metal or something or do I just need to trash the whole door and buy a new one? Hate to trash it as it is great looking and my friend spent a lot of time building it...appreciate any ideas ya'll....

Re: How to fireproof my furnace door

You'll have to go by the Local Codes and in doing so it would be better if an HVAC Contractor in your area gave you the info your looking for. Good Luck!!! :)

Re: How to fireproof my furnace door

Aside from moving the door --- did the inspector offer suggestions?

Perhaps you can apply a sheet metal skin on the inside portion of the door ---- it may need to also be wrapped over the 4 edges as well.

Re: How to fireproof my furnace door

I do know that in your owners manual, if it was left with you, it will say how close to combustables your furnace can be can be. I've never seen anything that says it can be closer than 1".

Re: How to fireproof my furnace door

You could get a concrete-filled fire door, and then apply any decorative treatment you want, even layer your current door to it.

Bob Gabrilson
Re: How to fireproof my furnace door

Check your installation booklet for the clearances. If 1" is enough then I would have the door "lined" with sheetmetal.

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