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How to disguise joints in vinyl trim?

My home is a Tudor inspired bungalow with a steeply pitched roof and at the front of the house, the roof slopes downward from the chimney to the archway that leads to the front door. The previous owner had someone install vinyl trim to the house (or maybe they did it themselves, I don't know) and instead of using one long piece of trim that was curved to fit the roofline, the installer used short overlapping pieces of trim. From a distance it looks okay, but up close all that you can see are these hideous, dark seams every twelve inches or so where the two pieces of vinyl meet. I don't have the money to replace the trim, but I'd like to add some curb appeal to the house. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can disguise these joints so that they look more seamless? Can I caulk the joint and paint over it, or will that make it look even more crummy?

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Re: How to disguise joints in vinyl trim?

here's one tip when installing vinyl siding. assume you have a center entrance colonial. when walking up to the front door, all the vinyl siding to the right of the door get's installed from right to left so that the overlapping piece is much less noticable from the entrance. (the piece to the far right is installed first then the next peice closer to the front door overlaps that piece, if it was done the other way the overlap is 4 times more noticable). the left side of the front entrance is installed from left to right so that those overlaps are less noticable from the front door.

the sides of the house are installed from back to front so if you're standing in front of the house but to the side you can't see the overlaps from there.

i hope i explained it so you can understand. i don't know how this might relate to your situation. i guess it depends on where the area you describe is most visible from.

Re: How to disguise joints in vinyl trim?

Doing arch trims is pretty difficult with materials that are designed for square cuts.

You need to call a pro for that. Or, if you are a quick learner, trial and error.

Re: How to disguise joints in vinyl trim?

I am not looking to replace the trim or have someone else put new trim up. As I said, I don't have the money for that. I would just like to paint what is already there, but am looking for suggestions on how to prep those seams so that they disappear as much as possible when painted.

Re: How to disguise joints in vinyl trim?

with vinyl j trim.. they wont disappear. the only option is to remove the j channel take off the bottom row of siding and replace it with a custom made piece of azec that follows the conuour. it has to be furred out by 3/4" then the azec applied over that which creates teh j channel effect so the siding tucks behind it

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