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The exlax sounds like a slick solution to the critter problem.
I don't know what they eat but I have discovered a method for chipmunks that is environmentally friendly, of no risk to pets or children, it's quiet and odorless (unless the chipmunk or whatever has a really loud voice or you don't tend to the trap in a timely manner)
5 gallon bucket
Fill half-way with water.
Sprinkle foam "packing peanuts" on the surface of the water.
Sprinkle sunflower seeds on the packing peanuts.
Supply a "ramp", a small board or some method to make the bucket "accessible" and compliant with the ADA laws for chipmunks.
Groundhogs I don't know about but chipmunks don't swim real well, and they, along with mice, don't seem to remember their Y swimming lessons on treading water.
I "caught" 7 chipmunks in about 4 days doing the above. In one of my buckets I had 2 of the pesky critters in a single day at the same time. I guess they must have played follow the dummy or something. I've caught countless mice in the same buckets.
I discovered how well this works quite by accident. I had gotten my wife some flowers and when the flowers passed their prime, my wife asked me to empty the vase and clean it out. I was going to put the flowers in the compost at the edge of the garden, dump the water and rinse the vase outside. But me and my ADD - I set the vase down by the step where it forms sort of a corner between the steps and the house foundation. "I'll take care of that later" - next day as we left the driveway for work my wife asked - what's that in the vase? Geesh, a mouse! The vase was still half-full of water, I suppose he looked over the edge of the step and for some reason jumped in. I decided what the heck, emptied the vase, put more water in, and set it by the steps again. Sure enough. I did this for 4 days and had 4 mice at the end of the 4th day (I finally did clean the vase and put it away)
I doubt Iowa even has groundhogs, but we have a proliferation of other pests - and chipmunks can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to structures including foundations, retaining walls, steps, pools, etc. from their digging and undermining such structures. We had leaning retaining walls and landscape walls thanks to their homes and storage facilities. They would also get up onto the tall deck we have, go out to the birdfeeders hanging a good 3 feet away from the deck railing and somehow drop the feeders to the ground and empty them, often ruining them in the process. One lady I read about said she had over $10,000 worth of damage to her basement wall due to chipmunks.
If you could rig similar for groundhogs, check to see how well they swim, if they like sunflower seeds or prefer something more "green", etc. -


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