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How to correctly remodel bedroom floor

I'm currently remodeling a 13'x16' master bedroom floor. The house was built in 1988. The bedroom was originally carpeted, but I'm changing it over to sheet vinyl. I took up the old carpet and found the underlayment to be 5/8" particle board. I decided to replace it with 19/32" B/C plywood prior to putting down the vinyl. This would have matched the height of the adjoining bath floor, which is also vinyl. I took the particle board up and found the subflooring to be 15/32" OSB, non tongue-and-groove (lots of give along the long edges). At this point, I'm seeking advice on options to proceed with correct materials/thicknesses and do it the right way this time.

Re: How to correctly remodel bedroom floor

Remove your subfloor (whatever it is, particle board or OSB), remove all fasteners and make sure your joists are even (no high low points).

To install a new plywood subfloor: lay the sheets (in a pattern similar to block wall design), so that any two sheets meet over a joist, for proper support. Use screws or special subfloor nails. You'll find out that you will need to cut some sheets to fit, but make sure all edges of each sheet rest on joists.

As far as sizes: we don't know what sizes you need to fit your bathroom floor, you'll have to decide that. Don't forget to add the height of the vinyl.

A. Spruce
Re: How to correctly remodel bedroom floor

You will want to use tongue and groove plywood, laid perpendicular to the joists. Current day philosophy is to use construction adhesive between the plywood and joists in addition to ring or screw shank nails. If you don't use T&G plywood, then you'll have to install blocking between the joists to carry the joints of the plywood.

Once the plywood is down, you'll want to install underlayment to provide a smooth surface for the vinyl. I've always used 3/8 particle board for the job, others prefer plywood or underlayment products.

Re: How to correctly remodel bedroom floor

Thanks for the replies so far. Since posting yesterday, here's what I've considered: Remove the existing OSB subflooring flush to the walls with a toe kick saw. Replace it with Advantech 22/32" T&G subflooring, perpendicular to the joists, using 8d ring shank nails and adhesive. Top it off with 11/32 AC plywood (seems kind of hard to find), staggering the joints away from the Advantech joints, still perpendicular to the joists, again with ring shanks. The thickness of the Advantech and plywood together should match the height of the existing bath floor. Not being a professional carpenter, I'd like to correct possible costly mistakes before starting. So, professional opinions or suggestions?

Re: How to correctly remodel bedroom floor

Unless you're tiling, Advantek is an excellent subflooring by itself in one layer when installed properly. To achieve the wanted height I would rip furring strips from 2X framing lumber at the needed thickness, glue and nail them on top of the existing joists, then install the Advantek with glue and screws which are long enough to penetrate the original joist at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches. If you have access to a table saw the furring strip rips will be easy but they can be done well enough with a skilsaw and care in cutting. The advantages to this method are less weight and lower costs and it works to match any height you want perfectly.


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