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how to connect prefinished cornw moulding

i got a 13' section to put up crown moulding... no corners just straight. The crown moulding only comes in 8' sections so i have to butt them together. I've done it with unfinished moulding but never with prefinished. how can I do this w/o having to sand the imperfect joint.

A. Spruce
Re: how to connect prefinished cornw moulding

Fit the joint on the ground rather than on the wall. Once you've got it the way you like it, then you can install one piece, cut the other to length then install it.

Another method would be to permanently secure the joint with a biscuit joint or pocket screws, then put the fabricated length into place as one piece.

Re: how to connect prefinished cornw moulding

with prefinished material i always cut off the last couple inches off the end no mater what. if dealing with mdf the factory ends are always ragged and swelled up from absorbing the primer and paint. by cutting it you'll have a truer piece to join your next piece to.

i dont like fitting two pieces on the ground when it comes to crown, with the two planes of the ceiling and the wall they arent always dead straight, so having a good joint on the ground is one thing but once its up at the ceiling any imperfections in the wall or celing can throw off the joint. Also you should use a scarf joint, bevelling both pieces so one overlaps the other. i use either 22 1/2 or 30 degrees, its less susceptible to shrinking like a 45 deg scarf is

as for pocket hole screws or biscuits, both will work but the material has to be 3/4 " stock

Re: how to connect prefinished cornw moulding

thanks for all the help guys, i will definately make sure it's on the wall as this is an old house and want the joint to be as tight as i can get it

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