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How to clean heater/AC wall unit

Wondering if there is anything I can do to keep the outside of the unit/the cage it sits in clean? The cage makes it very difficult to do anything as the cage vents are very narrow.

The heater/AC drainage hole was plugged up a few years ago and the maintenance people were sent out to my apartment to pull the AC out and clean it. They used the garden hose. I vacuumed out the cage while the unit was removed. I can't smell any mustiness (and my sense of smell can be keen at times,) but I do find myself sneezing more when the heater is on. I clean the filter on the indoor side of the unit.

I would like to be able to disinfect the unit and the cage where the water drips down as I worry that mold might be growing. Is there something I can do for this myself? If I called maintenance, if they did pull it out (which they might not - because it is draining - and they might say it is unnecessary as it requires two of them and takes a lot of time and work,) they would just use water and since they would probably send Spanish speakers (I can't speak Spanish,) I don't know if they would even understand what I want.

Also, any tips for getting a good filter? I cannot find anything but thin, flat filters in the store that are washable/reusable. Should I be trying to find one on the internet that is better?

Thanks for any help.

Re: How to clean heater/AC wall unit

What kind of unit do you have?????

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