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How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

Hi, just bought a house and moved into it in June. The central AC is only about a year and half old and runs great so far.

I live in Denver, CO and the winters can get cold and sometimes snowy. How can I protect my AC unit during the winter months?

- Should I cover my unit in the winter with a cover of some sort? If so, where can I get these covers and which are the best?

- Anything I should unplug, disconnect, or protect during the winter months?

- Anything else I should do to take care of the unit?


Re: How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

Basically shut off the breaker for the AC during the winter.

Whether you cover the outside condenser unit really is a matter of personal choice.
It isn't going to hurt the unit if you don't cover it.

The main thing is in the spring before using the AC .... clean out the outdoor condensor unit from all the leaves and debris that accumlates inside and around the unit

Hope this helps. :)

Re: How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

A/C units don't need to be covered.
If you do cover it turn it off at the disconnect outside by the unit so their is no way to turn it on without noticing the cover.
By leaving it covered when the weather gets warmer you risk trapping moisture under the cover and possible corrosion problems.
I've never bothered covering mine in Md., although I doubt we get the snow you do.

Re: How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

If you turn off the power to the unit ,it has to be turned on at least 24 hours before you use it.The compressor has a crank case heater that keeps the oil warm to prevent liquid refrigerant from migrating to the oil.If you turn on the unit without it being warm for 24 hours you could slug the compressor with liquid refrigerant and need a new compressor.

Re: How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

Thanks for all your input, I greatly appreciate it! I am happy to hear that I do not have to spend money on a cover. I will just unplug it for the Fall and winter.

Thanks to everyone!

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