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How much oil does my snowblower need?

I own an Ariens 924036, which is a 5HP Tecumseh engine, but can't find in the owner's manual how much oil it needs. I dropped an entire 32-ounce bottle of oil into the snowblower a few hours ago and just checked the dipstick but there is barely a drop of oil on the dipstick!

Any idea how much oil I need? Your response would be appreciated tonight, as we're expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight!


A. Spruce
Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

The capacity should be in the owners manual, right next to the type of oil to be using. I would recommend rereading the manual a little more closely or to call your local dealer and ask them.

A. Spruce
Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

Reading through the manual for the model you list, it says that there is a separate engine pamphlet for engine service requirements. If you do not have this pamphlet, then get the model number off the side of the engine (refer to the Tehcumseh site for more information ) and look that number up on-line.

Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

Are you seeing a lot of blue or white smoke coming out of the exhaust? If yes then you need a motor rebuild and will keep pouring oil in until then.

If you don't have the billowing clouds, then you're leaking oil. That should be apparent all over the snow.

Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

Follow the previous recommendations.
I'm sure your engine takes less than 32 oz to fill.
Maybe your dipstick is not inserted all the way (don't laugh).

A. Spruce
Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

Here you go:

Go to http://www.tecumsehpower.com/CustomerService/BSI.pdf

This will pop up a PDF of basic servicing info, how to find your model number, etc. Included in this PDF is a capacity chart based on your model number, anywhere from 21 to 60 ounces, I'm guessing yours will be to the low end of that scale.

I'd download and save this pdf for future reference, or at least save the link. If the above link doesn't work, just Google "tecumsehpower" and you'll find a link to the company website, from there it's easy to get the info you need.

Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

*** that babys from 1979 and still kicking.....

Email the person in the link below. Im betting they can help you out.




Re: How much oil does my snowblower need?

+1 read the manual if you have it, or find one ******.
I bought a new snowblower 3 years ago, use it only once in a while, and the oil hasn't gone down nor have I replaced it yet. probably will this spring, for good measure. Cheers.

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