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Re: how much does re-wiring an old house cost?
MLB Construction wrote:

i agree with mark that you can do alot of it yourself......BUT.....i think it's a big mistake for anyone that is not a licensed electrician to change a service or fiddle with anything inside an electric panel....not only is personal safety extremely important, having it done by a professional is extremely important to avoid burning a house down.

PLUS: in most cities a license is required to do most electrical work. In my city for example, the inspector will ask you for the electrician's info. If you say "I don't have one" he'll tell you to get one. Why? safety and adherence to code, no kidding.

Re: how much does re-wiring an old house cost?

San Diego Ca. between 3 to 5,000 labor only without materials to upgrade to 200 amp. for house 1,000sq ft. But don't do it unless you have to bcs if you run into a glitch it holds up everything. Also, take if from someone who has done everything wrong, get a certified electrician who will take the fall if someone sues you when they play lobster, boil themselves in your hot tub or your house burns down. don't do anything yourself bcs a certified electrician won't want to put their licence, insurance etc. on the line for your, or someone else's work. They will have to start from the beginning, go into walls etc. so just don't bother. Good Luck Inventing:rolleyes:Joy

Re: how much does re-wiring an old house cost?

In most places I've lived electrical work must be permitted and inspected, but the homeowner is allowed to do his/her own electrical work on his/her own house. I also don't expect any issues with your insurance if you have all the proper permits and inspections. However, this job is still very difficult.

Rewiring an entire old house is likely to go way beyond electrician skills because of the need to run new wires through existing walls and repair the damage from the process. Its very hard to estimate the final cost because every house presents unique problems.

Unless you really love long hours of work, I would find a general contractor to manage the work and get it done in stages. They can probably do the house in sections so that its still livable during the process.



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