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How loud should a blower fan be?

Just installed a new central AC unit in my 1400 sqft condo in Ft. Myers, FL. When it is running, it sounds like a freight train rumbling through the house. What is the acceptable decibel level for the fan? Unit is 2.5 ton rated at 16 SEER.

Re: How loud should a blower fan be?

I don't know the decibel level of such a blower, but I do know that 16 seer units are supposed to be relatively quiet.

If it sounds like "a freight train", I suspect that something is wrong here. Call the installer, have him look at it (or should I say, listen to it).

Re: How loud should a blower fan be?

Check for loose connections, screws left inside the unit, loose wires, loose sheet metal, out of balance blower fan blades, bend blower blades.....

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