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How long to wait before painting new plaster

I am working on a gut renovation of a whole second floor.  I had blueboard and plaster done on all walls and ceilings. I am getting conflicting advice from the plaster guys and paint supply guys about how long to let the plaster cure before applying primer and latex paint. Plaster guy tells me 10 days, but paint sales person tells me 6 weeks; obviously big difference.

I can focus on floor and trim installation now and allow as much time to cure, but it would be much easier if I could paint before installing floors so I don’t have to worry about drips or spills. Please let me know what your experience with plaster curing times has been. Thank you in advance

Re: How long to wait before painting new plaster

Looking for advice

Re: How long to wait before painting new plaster


Are you talking about actual plaster, like horse hair plaster? Or blueboard and sheetrock mud?

If you are using true plaster of paris plaster, then you should not be using latex paint. You will want to use oil based primer and oil based paint. They are better quality any way. Latex is water based and will cause true plaster to not crue nearly as fast, and will cause other issues. There used to be a burlap type material that one would use to cover plaster walls before covering with wallpaper. My house has true plaster walls, and the plaster has 5 different coats, including a wonderful smooth top coat.

If you are referring to only sheetrock mud that is covering the nails only, then only a couple days after sanding. If you have used sheetrock mud over the entire wall, to make the wall look like plaster, then it will take longer, up to a couple months to ensure a full cure. Again, you do not want to use anything latex on this wall. Over sheetrock, you are ok with using latex products.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: How long to wait before painting new plaster

 If the system was a true veneer paster system like USG Diamond Finish it can be painted after 24 hrs.

See USG hand Book Centennial Edition Page # 229 Painting. If nobody can come up with better info than have the painter take a PH test of the new plaster.

Have the Paint suppiler furnish the paint for that PH reading. As for type paint reccomended by USG it states Latex Base OR breather- Type paint.

Re: How long to wait before painting new plaster

The plaster used was a mix of  USG Diamond Brand  Veneer Finish and Uni-Kal Gold Bond.

Thank you for directing me to the handbook.

Much appreciated.

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