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How Long Must Caulk Cure Before Use?

So... I re-caulked around the entire perimeter (and bench... and door) of our master bathroom shower yesterday. Or, rather, because caulking is not my forte, I paid a handyman to do it. :) He did a fantastic job. But then, in a haze of sleep-deprived idiocy, my husband took a shower this morning. We estimate the caulking job had about 14 hours to cure, though it may have been 15.

At this point, what should we do? Is there any way for us to tell whether using the shower has caused water to seep behind the new caulk and/or ruined the caulk permanently? Help!

Re: How Long Must Caulk Cure Before Use?

typically with most silicone caulk 24 hrs is the preferred length for it to fully set up and cure. 15 hrs you might be okay just keep an eye on it to see if its pulling away from the shower

Re: How Long Must Caulk Cure Before Use?

Hey ntrainer,

Sorry to hear about the situation :/

It depends on what type of caulk he used honestly. Do you have a way of contacting the contractor, or better yet; did he happen to leave the empty tubes at your house?

Most caulk, like mentioned above, takes about 24hrs to fully cure. However there are some out on the market that are "shower-ready" within as fast as 3hrs.

You should notice bubbles or beads of water behind the caulking, or at the most some of it may be peeling away already if water has gotten behind it. It sounds like it was left long enough though where it shouldn't be a problem, but do a thorough inspection just to be safe :)

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