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How effective is deer barrier fencing?

I'm thinking about ordering a roll of deer barrier fencing from www.deerbarrierfence.com and I was wondering if anybodies ever tried to use this or a similar product to keep deer out of their garden? Been having problems with them eating my garden this year. The sales rep seemed to think it's all I would need, but you know sales reps have to hype their product. Looking for an honest review of barrier netting type fence to keep deer away.

Thanks for the help and happy holidays!

Re: How effective is deer barrier fencing?

A deer fence is effective, but I've read that some deer can leap over a 6' fence !

Get a dog, use unpleasant odors, use repellents - these are all things you can do in addition to building a fence.

Re: How effective is deer barrier fencing?

Minimum height for deer containment fences around here is 9 feet.


Re: How effective is deer barrier fencing?

Fully mature bucks have been filmed clearing 12 ft fences without touching them as they crossed :( Usually lower will work but don't make bets on it. The best deterrent methods are:

1- Don't plant things they like better than what they have readily available to them in your area.

2- Use naturally deer-repellant plantings around the perimeter. Check locally to find out what grows and works best where you are. Some do this via odor so be sure you can stand that yourself before planting!

3- Use highly visible double fencing about 4 ft apart if you need to- deer can perceive the depth and know they can't clear them both so they won't jump these.

4- "Plant" a rock garden around the perimeter for 15 feet outside of the fence using many large stones which will make it tough for deer to get footing for a running start to jump the fence.

5- If it's legal and you're so inclined, venison is tasty and a good lean meat which you might like in your larder.

Live with nature- you're never going to win a war against it :cool:


Re: How effective is deer barrier fencing?

Just having fencing doesn’t ensure deer barrier. However, there are various facts that need to keep in mind when installing such a fence. Height, or width, is probably the most important factor with deer fences. Out of sight fences like those made of wood or having overlapping slats are quite effetve as deer fails to identify what is on the other side. You can also use electric fences about 30 inches off the ground.

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