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How do you vent old Victorian

We bought the old family victorian home from my mother-in-laws estate. We blew in celulous insulation into a balloon, structured construction. The paint lifted from moisture, after painting 2 years ago. We saved a lot of money on oil, but have had to spend the savings in paint !:(

Any Ideas how to vent a ballon structured house ?

Timothy Miller
Re: How do you vent old Victorian

Howdy, what paint inside or outside? Have you used a humidifier as this can cause the paint damage. When you say venting balloon construction the walls have nothing to do with venting the attic.
The attic vented just like any other. Was blown in cellulose into the wall cavity or just the attic? If you didn't blow the walls condensation from the warm air going from inside hte house by way of conduction/ convection to the inside of the siding will ondensate on the siding in the winter -cause paint peeling too..

Re: How do you vent old Victorian

I'll add to Timmothy Millers questions... Is the attic finished? If so, what is the roof trussed out with?

Re: How do you vent old Victorian

Warm moist air from inside the house goes through the wall and condenses on the colder siding, that moisture is what is probably causing the paint to peal. You will probably have to add a moisture bearer.

Timothy Miller
Re: How do you vent old Victorian

Howdy if you blew cellulose into the wall cavity's , you do not use an vapor barrier per the manufacture of cellulose consider checking out their web page for more info. If you use a humidifier you might stop or at least decrease the level of air moister you have in the winter.

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