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How do you soundproof your walls?

We are building a house and we want to soundproof our son's music room (7 year old with a drum set). I've seen several options, including QuietRock board. Has anyone used this, and if so, does it replace sheetrock or go on top of it? Any other ideas would be helpful.

Re: How do you soundproof your walls?

Thanks DB
The room is an 8X12. It will have one door. The problem is it's next to the den. We just want to make sure we can still hear the tv while he plays his drums.

I'll talk to our contractor about the 2x2 walls.
I appreciate it.

Re: How do you soundproof your walls?

The easy way is to just double or triple up on the drywall, put insulation in the wall, and use a nice heavy door. Thats probaly the best option for you, as its pretty cheap and easy to do.

A step up from that would be to use the RSIC-1/channel approach. A RSIC (Resilient Sound Isolation Clip) is a metal clip with a rubber back on it. These clips get attached to the studs, and then metal channels are attached to that. The drywall gets screwed to the channels. The rubber acts as a barrier preventing the sound vibrations from being transmitted to the next room.

Re: How do you soundproof your walls?

My hubby was in a band, and since we had the space, our house was where they practiced. Since the garage they played in was near the rear property line, and we already had issues with a nosy annoying neighbor at the rear, we needed to keep the noise down.
Fortunately, a friend sold wall materials, and happened to have a batch of acoustic wall panels that had been damaged one one end, so we got them cheap. From what I understand, the stuff runs about $80 a sheet, it resembles the stuff cubicles are made of, but comes in sheets like drywall, and one side has a fabric covering. Amazing stuff!
When they had the door shut I could hear my radio over the band even in the adjoining room. However, open the door, and the neighbor was calling the cops!
I wish I knew what this stuff was called, but if you search the net, I'm sure you'll find it.

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