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DC Endres
How Do You Remove Water from Below a Shower?

We have a leak of an undetermined origin in our upstairs bathroom. It appeared the grout may have been at fault. The grout at the bottom edges was removed and replaced. When it was removed there was a lot of water in the pan below the tile. There is so much water there that the new grout will not dry. Is there any way to remove the water without removing the tile?

Re: How Do You Remove Water from Below a Shower?

Grout is not water proof. Tile, as you found out isn't water proof.

I am guessing you have a circular drain in the middle of your shower floor. If that is the case, it sounds like the shower pan has failed. There is no way to fix this topically. You'll be tearing out the shower floor, and most likely the walls to make a new, waterproof shower.

Head on over the tile John Bridge Tile Forum where you will find the 'Lyberry' linked in the dark blue bar. Scroll down to the shower construction thread and read EVERYTHING. Once you have decided which waterproofing method you wish to use on your new shower, take some pictures and start your own thread and fill out your profile in the DIY section. The folks there will give most excellent advice on your problem.

Re: How Do You Remove Water from Below a Shower?

It sounds like the pan and the drain were not installed correctly. The shower drains that are used in shower pans have weep holes that directs any water that gets under the tile into the pan down the drain. They may have used the wrong shower drain that doesn't have these weep holes.


DC Endres
Re: How Do You Remove Water from Below a Shower?

Thanks for your fast responses but, BOY, that was NOT the response I wanted to hear!:(

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