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How do you raise a door to clear flooring?

I recently added a 3/4" wood floor inside my home. One of the entry doors no longer has enough clearance. It is a 15 year-old steel door with a flexible rubber sweep on its bottom surface. I guess the best solution to resolve this is to raise the prefabricated door frame and its threshold, but I am uncertain how to proceed. Any ideas?

Re: How do you raise a door to clear flooring?

Have you tried taking off the sweep on the bottom?

Raising the door up 3/4" of an inch is no small job. You're going to need to modify the header, jambs, molding, and even the exterior - if you have brick veneer there's a steel angle that spans the width of the door that will need to be raised and I assume you also have a storm door? Like I said this is no small job! I think you would be much better off replacing the door.

Another option is to cut out a section of the wood floor 4' x width of the door and replace it with quarry tile. Quarry tile is 3/8" thick and may be just thin enough to let the door swing freely.

Re: How do you raise a door to clear flooring?

You could also consider replacing the current threshold with a taller one (or an adjustable heighth threshold), then cut the bottom of the door shorter accordingly and finally install a u-shaped weatherstrip/seal.

The main problem with shortening metal-clad doors is that cutting it off leaves the metal cladding along the bottom edge, free of the door (no longer held/fastened to .... the internal wood frame) Not a good thing. However, if you use this particular type of weatherstrip/seal....it will hold the door metal securely enough in that it is trapped inside that "U".
Just make sure you get one that is for your door thickness.

If the door has aluminum cladding, nothing more should need to done after cutting it off. However, if your door is primed and painted steel cladding....I would recommend that you at least prime the new bare edge created at the bottom from cutting the metal off. If you don't, rust could/will readily develop there and spread.

Also, once you have this u-shaped weatherstrip properly located/adjusted for a good seal....you'll probably want to fill the void between the actual bottom of the door and the weatherstrip at both ends.....with a shot of caulk or similar.....to prevent any air leaks that might occur thru this void. This should work fine if the door is behind a storm-door, but if not and it gets hit directly with rain.....you might want to leave one end open to allow any rainwater that might get in there to drain out again. What is best and will work best...depends on the particular situation.

See a U-shaped weatherseal here near bottom of page - http://www.truevalue.com/content/projects/contentview.aspx?sec_id=16&subsec_id=31&con_id=1632

Re: How do you raise a door to clear flooring?

Take the casing off the top. If you've got at least a 3/4" gap between the jamb and the header, then you won't have to modify any of the framing.

I outlined the basic process of resetting a door jamb in this thread:

An exterior door will be a little more difficult because you may have to modify the siding a little, and there will probably be long screws into the framing rather than just nails. You'll need to remove and replace those screws. Plus, you'll have to raise the threshold.

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