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How do I remove this pipe?

I am trying to replace old 2" steel shower drain pipe with copper or pvc pipe, and in order to do that I cut the old elbow out and now I am struggling trying to remove the rest of the old steel 2" pipe. I simply have no idea how to get this pipe out.

It feels loose and I am able to turn it a little bit and move it around but I am unable to remove it from its joint. I have no idea on what the proper procedure is for removing this pipe. Any idea for how to remove this pipe would be greatly appreciated.

Also, once I remove the old pipe, what material should I use to replace it? Should I use pvc, abs, or copper? I would mostly prefer something that will last for a very long time.

Thank you in advance.

Re: How do I remove this pipe?

you can drill out the old lead between the pipe and the hub. Dont allow the drill bit to bind or it may crack the hub. Once all the lead and oakum is removed use a 2" resilient gasket and go pvc.


Re: How do I remove this pipe?

Thanks for the reply. Another question though is, can I use a blowtorch to soften or melt the lead out and remove the lead that way?

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