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how do I remove paint from concrete??

We have a concrete front porch. After 10 years and three different layers of paint (all different colors) I got tired of dealing with the chipping paint and having to repaint it all the time! I decided to try and remove the layers and just get it back to the original concrete. I have tried 2 different paint removers for concrete, a power sprayer and hours and hours of scraping! It's looks TERRIBLE! Some areas all three layers have come up, some just one layer! It's a mess! Any suggestions???? My husband would appreciate it! This is not the first time I have jumped into a project without thinking it through! THANKS!

A. Spruce
Re: how do I remove paint from concrete??

Two things come to mind, chemical strippers such as Jasco paint stripper which is a pretty aggressive product, or sand blasting. Paint stripper will be the cheaper of the two, but it will leave behind "staining" from the old paint at the very least, by no means will it clean the surface well enough to be left raw, it will prep the surface pretty good for a new coat of paint.

Sand blasting will take the paint off, as well as the top layer of the concrete, leaving a pristine surface that can be left raw or repainted, depending on your preference.

Re: how do I remove paint from concrete??

Thank you for your reply!

Re: how do I remove paint from concrete??

You could also see if a local rental place has a concrete floor grinder. Even a small hand grinder could be used, but it is much more work. Have you thought about having it sprayed with something like Vortex or another portable poly spray system? They are tough enough for garages, sure it would be fine for a patio.

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