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How do I remove or cover texture on walls

We are buying a house from the 60's with lathe and plaster walls. there is a texture on them, that is long thin lines that run vertical on the wall. I was wondering if I can texture over this or do I need to sand and mud again. Thanks

Re: How do I remove or cover texture on walls

Since you have plaster rather than drywall, it probably would not be easy to sand or scrape off the texture you have there.

Texturing right over it would probably cause the existing texture to show through somewhat, maybe enough to ruin the look of the new texture.

So, it seems to me, your best option would be to skim coat over the existing texture, so you can then have a new smooth surface to texture on.

Skimcoating can be a hassle if you don't have a decent system, but it is not all that hard really, if you have some time and a little patience.

I have a webpage with tips for applying skim coat. Take a look and see if it can help you.


Good luck on your project.

Re: How do I remove or cover texture on walls

thank you for your help

Re: How do I remove or cover texture on walls

Yep texturing would be the easiest to do, but to elaborate on what the previous person said....u would need a skim coat for a light - medium thickness texture, but if u put on a heavy - extra heavy texture (such us trowel texture), u should not need a skim coat. it really all depends on ur taste.

BUT REMEMBER: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a bonding agent when putting plaster or drywall mud onto old plaster walls. most concrete bonding agents also work for plaster. If u don't spend the extra couple bucks....u could end up w/ 'FLAKING' walls

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