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How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

I have a four poster bed, armoire and night table that has a natural pine stain finish.

I want to refinish the set with dark blue paint, but want, at the edges, and over large surfaces, the colour of the wood coming through.

I assume I would prepare the furniture by sanding lightly, but then apply 1 coat of perhaps - Benjamin Moore dark blue paint. Then sand lightly, the edges and surfaces until the wood starts to show through the paint - to achieve the uneven look. I've seen this treatment at a specialty store and the furniture was satiny smooth. So ... what type of paint would I use and what type of finish? Is my method correct?

I have a photo, but couldn't post it.


Tacoma John
Re: How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

I have very little, well ok no experience in doing this. Having said that I have seen it done on tv. DO NOT use paint, oil or latex. Every time I have seen it done they used a glaze. Paint is not sandable in the time frame and/or the look you are trying to achieve. The best place to fined the materials you need would be a craft store. You could use a tinted shellac primer like Bin, or a tinted lacquer, both are very sandable. Always do a test on a board of the same wood before trying it on the bed frame also do a test section on the bed or night stand in a hidden place. You can cover the finished product with a shellac or water based poly to seal everything in.

Tacoma John
Re: How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

Your method is correct, but do not use paint. Use a tinted shellac based product like Bin primer or a lacquer based paint, as these are very sandable in a short time. Use a test board to practice first. Cover the project with poly when you are done. For best results spray it with something like a Wagner Power sprayer. Remember that these products are flamable and due care is needed. Open windows and put out any pilot lights. Also do not try to do it in one coat.

Re: How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

I think what Tacoma is warning against is using an acrylic paint. Acrylics do not get hard, remaining gummy feeling. They do not sand well, merely gumming up the sandpaper. Oil or lacquer based would be the most commonly used. Shellac can be tinted also.

You will need the assistance of a good paint store for this project. In general, the big box stores do not have these products or the qualified personnel to assist you. ( Spruce never thught he would hear me say that! :) )

Tacoma John
Re: How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

Your right to a certain degree. Parker Paint, which you can find down there, has Park Ave, an oil based paint. It use to be a great oil based trim paint. I have seen it stay gummy for a few days. I had also seen this happen where a "pro painter" had flocked up some louvered doors using SW Pro Classic oil based paint. You can over come this by wet sanding it. Given the fact that he wishes to sand some areas down to bare wood, this is not an option. This would raise the grain of the wood. I do not know his time frame so I gave him the fastest drying "paint" that he could use. I am sorry that I am not more educated in other brands and or lines of paint. You maybe very correct in the fact that Benny Moore oil based can be sanded close to application time, I dont know. I was just trying to give him products the can be fixed when the unthinkable happens :(.

PS Ordgen, I have used Muralo paint. You can find it at Parker Paint, it is our neck of the woods :).

Tacoma John
Re: How do I Refinish a Bedroom Set with paint & stain?

OMG, my first reply was rejected, I guess higher powers deceided it was ok and put it up after my second reply was submited. Soory did not mean to reply twice.

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