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Tacoma John
Re: How do I paint my laminate flooring?

Sombreuil_mongrel, Ok you solved problem #3. What about problems #1 and #2?.

Tacoma John
Re: How do I paint my laminate flooring?

Ok Ordjen, if A.Spruce will not say it, I will. No composite wood should be used in area that water can get to it. This includes bathrooms, and kitchens. When small kids and/or drinkers are involved you have problems and this means the whole house lol. Laminate flooring stinks. Get real wood, tile, or carpet.

Re: How do I paint my laminate flooring?


Absolutely agree that laminates don't belong in water prone areas. Even real finished in place hardwoods must be somewhat babied ion such areas. If I had it to do again, I would not have used hardwood around the kitchen sink.

The thing I hate most about laminate flooring is that hollow sound you get when walking on it.

Re: How do I paint my laminate flooring?

All great replies! Thank you! Ok so in doing my research I ran into the brown paper bag floors and/or using wallpaper for the flooring with many layers of heavy duty floor covering. Anyone have some good advise on this idea? Anyone done it b4? Lots of reviews on the internet have been extremely good. I am a little hesitant on doing it but I know we have professionals here that can give good advise!!!
Thanks for the replies and am looking forward to hearing what will come next!!:D

Re: How do I paint my laminate flooring?

Sadbrd, I'm certainly no expert on this, but it seems like you would run into the same issues in the previous posts with trying either the brown paper bag or wallpaper on floors.

Ordjen previously stated: "Pulling up the laminate to affect a temporary measure would be an LOT of work. Also remember that those are sheets of plywood with seams and nails or screws everywhere. Further, your baseboards and trim would all be at a different elevation, i.e. your door casings would be 1/2 inch short of the floor." Painting vs. paper wouldn't solve this underlying issue.

If you try to paper over laminate,as others pointed out, it would be extremely difficult to get the floor smooth, and in the end would be a lot more work for a temporary measure that may or may not work. Adding paper with Elmer's glue and a coat of polyurethane (from my understanding of this) over a floor that isn't smooth is bound to fail..

This is just my two sense from a lay person.. Have you considered A Spruce's suggestion of using vinyl a temporary fix? Or bamboo rugs to cover the floors until there is a more permanent fix available?


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