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How Do I Get Rid Of Pampas Grass?

Our house in East Tennessee has 5 huge pampas grass plants planted right along the foundation on the side of the house.

In between plants 2 and 3 is the heater / air conditioning unit which keeps getting severely overgrown by the adjacent plants.

We cut these plants back at least twice a year resulting in 7 lawn and leaf bags full of mulched up trimmings, cuts, scrapes and 7-8 hours of time.

We would really like to get rid of these plants and put in a nice low flowerbed or landscaping but are unsure how to remove such huge plants that close to the foundation, telephone cables, gas line, water line and electrical fuse box.

We even cut one all the way to the ground last year just hoping that it would die and it came back 7 feet in height just to spite us.

We've even tried the local landscaping companies and none of them will touch the stuff.

Any helpful ideas would be much appreciated.


Jason E. Siburt

Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Pampas Grass?

A Mini Excavator would work too . Quicker , but more expensive .
Depends on how bad you want it gone .

Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Pampas Grass?

Thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully we can kill them off soon.

Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Pampas Grass?

I live in florida where pampas grass is regularlly used in landscape design. (though often regreted) usually your utility companies will come out to locate lines in the areas that you are concerned about, before you dig. once this is done, the fastest way to remove them is either renting a machine like a bobcat or if you are budget wise or unsure of operating such a machine in close areas next to your house then use a shovel to dig them up. I would cut them down close to the ground first If digging by hand (invite over some friends in promise of a cook out to make it go faster)

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