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How do I get the most dehumidifying from my room AC?

My old manual through-the-wall AC/heater just quit and the management for my apartment installed a new AC/heater in its place (the instruction manual for it calls it a "room" AC however.) With the old unit, I set it on HIGH cool instead of LOW cool for the best dehumidification. This new unit is different. It has a thermostat where you can adjust the temperature from 60 to 86. It has an "energy saving" setting where it will turn off the compressor when it reaches the temperature you set it at or you can leave it on all the time. The fan has two speeds, high and low. I called the manufacturer, but they couldn't answer my question. They just tell me that it's not going to remove moisture from the indoor air unless I buy a different model that is only an AC/dehumidifier with no heater (it has to have a heater...the only source of heat provided in the apartment.) I thought that all air conditioners work by removing some of the indoor moisture from the air.

In order to get the most dehumidification, do I put it at 60 and leave it on however long I want it to run? (Doubting that it would ever cool my whole apartment to 60 and not wanting it to anyway.) Would there be a difference in the amount of cooling and dehumidifying it does depending on what you set the thermostat to? The old unit did get rid of inside moisture. Do new ones not do this? It's very important that I keep the humidity to a low level in my apartment. I have separate dehumidifiers (which, of course, product heat...) I don't want to have to have all of them turned on at the same time in the heat of the summer just to keep the humidity low enough.

I was told that since it is smaller than my previous one (the new one is 12000 BTUs, with my apartment being about 800-900 sq ft) if it doesn't do a good enough job cooling that they can replace it with a more *****ful model. If some of the new ones don't remove moisture, I would need to ask them to find one that does...but how do I find out which do?

http://www.lghvac.com/products/products_list_models.asp?seq=162&type_seq=8&cate_seq=12&mode=read is the newer one, but it does not come with two cooling/heating speeds as stated.

Any advice is most appreciated! This is such a great forum to be able to come to. I love This Old House.

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