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Mark O
how do I find the source of a leak?

For many years the ceiling of my family room has had a small, but annoying leak when it rains (but not every time it rains). I have a two-story house, but the family room is a one-story extension and has a flat roof. The location of the drip into the room changes from time to time, but it is always near the perimeter of the room. I don't know if the water originates on the flat roof (which has been coated with a rubber-based product over tar paper) or if it has travelled down behind the wood siding of the second story above it. I want to finally end the leak, but I don't know where to attack the problem. How do I find the source of the leak?

Re: how do I find the source of a leak?

Leaks can get in anywhere there is a crack. I would start with where your addition meets the house and work form there. Water stains appear as white or calciun streeks. Lack of flashing of calking can lead to leaks. Check the vent pipes too. All roofs are not flat, but have or should have some slope to them. Do you have any skylights on this addition? Check there too. Does water puddle up in any spot? Are your gutters plugged? Good luck. Hope this helps.

Re: how do I find the source of a leak?

Infrared will find fast.. the blueish color is water


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