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How do I fill in the space...?

Hi everyone,
1 - Do I have to fill in the space (very narrow) between stone floor and wooden (painted) trim in my bathroom? If yes, what do I use?

2 - Do I have to caulk the space between the wall (living room) and stained (not painted) dark wood trim? If yes, with what?

Thanks a lot.

Re: How do I fill in the space...?

No, you don't have to, but if you want it to look better, you should. Use painter's caulk (Alex or similar).

Re: How do I fill in the space...?

Caulking spaces is always a great thing to do, not just for aesthetics but to also protect the different types of finishes that the caulk separates. It's good to remember the type of caulk you're working with as well. Choose one that's great for the different substrates that you're working with. Also remember that the flexibility in the caulk is important as well so as to "give" with the material that it's being used on. It's also important to keep moisture from places where mold/mildew can build.

Your local home improvement store spe******t will be able to recommend caulking the best fits your needs. They're also available in different colors. Be sure to research how you can properly finish your caulk so it dries nicely so as to prevent any type of removal or unhappiness with the after result down the road.

Best of Luck.


Re: How do I fill in the space...?

In the bathroom, it might be a good idea to seal the joint to prevent water intrusion into the structure in the event of an overflow.

I would recommend using a grout that matches the grout in your stonework. If the floor isn't grouted, use a grout that goes well with the stonework and the wood. If you use a caulk, choose a color that blends well.

I'm not a big fan of silicone caulk as the bond seems to fail after a few years, giving you an ugly crack between the caulk and one of the surfaces. Consider a polyurethane or butyl rubber caulk; acrylic latex tends to dry out and crack. (I'm not an expert on caulk; that's just my experience.) There are other, fairly new caulking products out there that I'm not familiar with which may do the job with great success. With grout, you will likely end up with a hairline crack against the wood, but maybe the crack will be small enough to prevent significant water intrusion.

If it's not too much work to remove the base trim (and won't damage it), you might want to caulk the floor/wall joint behind the trim before grouting between the floor and the trim.

As for the living room, it's purely an aesthetic choice.

Re: How do I fill in the space...?

grout will crack for sure i would use a caulk like lexel or big stretch they are messt so i would tape off first. but they last a long time stay flexible and are paintable.

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