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How can I research early american styles?


Our house in Boston was built in the 1730's.

Of course, much has been upgraded since then and we'd like to try to "date" the various attributes of the house, such as moldings, floors, etc.

Also, we're curious about taking a path backwards, towards the original content.

Case in point ... window sash locks. What did they use in the 1700's? Iron? Shape? Source for antiques or repros?

If anyone could point us in the right direction, it would be great.


Re: How can I research early american styles?

Just reading your questions made me incredibly curious. A quick google search has found pretty much exactly what you know. It seems that iron is the most likely answer. One article, "A Technical History of Late Nineteenth Century Windows in the United States" (by Susan Swiatosz, Nov. 1985) says: iron, copper, and other metals of the top most quality, but no information on shape. I'm not sure if you found the guide published by Historic Scotland, but a quick read over it was really interesting: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/caring-for-your-sash-case.pdf

This site also came up: http://www.boxsash.com/4-1history.html. You might ask if they have drawings or literature about the shape of the fastener.

I hope this is helpful or at least semi-useful information!

Re: How can I research early american styles?

Those are some great links. Thank you very much.

We ended up sticking plain old black iron locks on - one per window. We didn't install the lifts that we purchased. Decided to keep it super simple.

I'll go through all this new material!

Re: How can I research early american styles?

thanx doosh. i'll be sure to wear your gay-ass threads.

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