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How can I get rid of button weed?

Gulf coast 50x50 front lawn . 5 years ago landscaper sc****d,graded planted tree, ornamentals ,in 10" new top soil. Remainder new st Augustine sod. With irrigation.every year winterized and in spring weed and feed. Last year did not winterize and did not weed and feed. April noticed lawn turning brown. Increased watering. Week or 2 looked greener but different . Careful inspection ,new green a vine like growth . Advised it was button weed. Waited for a cool day and treated with fertilome weed b gone by directions 2 tbs per gal. Destroyed most of my lawn. Advised too strong. Have been pulling B/W as appears . Treated again after 6 weeks , 1/2 strength 1 tbs per gal. B/W shows darkening but comes back. Have stopped watering , letting every thing else grow , to compete with B/W .....Have been pulling every day. Killing my back. I'm on the ropes. There must be a better way. Please. Desperate. Advise, if you can.

Re: How can I get rid of button weed?

You need some professional advice from local experts in St Augustine grass. And where can you get this advice? nurseries, sod suppliers or on line.

However, if most of your lawn is now shot, you may have to start anew.

Re: How can I get rid of button weed?

Last ditch effort, use glypsophosphate (Round Up), normal strength with 1 tbs of Murphy's Oil Soap per gallon of mix. Then set the sprayer to stream and apply a short squirt to the individual plants you want to get rid of. Don't overspray the whole yard. This will kill the weed right down to the roots so it doesn't re-sprout from root fragments.

As the weed dies, overspray the lawn with a mix of 1 cup household ammonia, one cup of sugar, one cup of beer and a few tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent, lemon scented preferred, in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer. This will help the grass recover, but only the grass that wasn't hit with the Round Up.

It is still tedious work, but you don't have to bend over as much so it's easier on the back.

edit: Be sure to mark the garden sprayer that has the weed killer in it so that it is never used for anything else except weed killers in the future.

Re: How can I get rid of button weed?

Thanks Keith3267. Will try this program,it seems you have practical experience with this very issue.

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