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How best to balance heat (radiant)

Since I'm new to the boards i've got lots of questions. I did a search for this but couldn't find anything specific...or ran out of patience.

I was wondering if there are energy savings to be realized by turning your thermostat down at night with hot water systems.

I turn the t-stat down from 70F to 65F at night (northen climate 0-30F winter) so the boiler usually does not have to come on all night....but then in the morning (5am programmed to 70F) the boiler comes on for perhaps an hour to warm up the rooms to the required 70F. Would it make more sense to just try and keep the temperature consistant? Would lowering the high limit on the boiler be a good option - house temperature usually overshots as 1 hour of boiler run time = 150F + water temp.

Hopefully this makes sense and is a typical problem with a straightforward solution.

2 pipe water system, 1 zone.


Re: How best to balance heat (radiant)

I would try all the things you mention in your post--each house has its own quirks and characteristics where a heating system is concerned.

I would also consult with your heating contractor or service tech to inquire about OUTDOOR RESET.

ODR keeps the boiler water at low temps during mild weather, then raises boiler water temp during very cold weather.

Google "outdoor reset" for numerous sites on this subject.

A programmable t-stat (if you don't already have one) is another option.

Re: How best to balance heat (radiant)

Thank you for your reply. I will investigate them. :)

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