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How and when to fertilize a new lawn

I recently planted a new lawn. Today I am exactly 4 weeks into the lawn and mowed it for the first time. It is coming in great. I have good black dirt, I put straw down, and got water on it every other day. My question is what do I do next? When do I put fertilizer down and what kind? When can I put a weed killer down? The lawn is coming in great but like every new lawn there are some weeds.

Basically when should I fertilize and what should I put down?

Re: How and when to fertilize a new lawn

If you have good soil, you should wait and put down a good fall fertilizer in the fall, then follow up with a weed and feed in the spring. Over fertilize and you will end up mowing all the time.

Re: How and when to fertilize a new lawn

Part of the prep work for a new lawn includes soil starter. I hope you did that part, which supplies the new lawn with added important nutrients.
Then follow up with regular schedule like keith suggested.

Re: How and when to fertilize a new lawn

I would NOT put a weed killer down on a 4 week old lawn. When I seed,I see some of the seeds sprout late. If you put a weed killer down now it will prevent any late blooming grass from growing. JMO

Re: How and when to fertilize a new lawn

I agree not to put down anything with weed killer in it this year, the weed and fed is for next spring. For this year, mow when the grass is 50% higher than the cut height set on your mower. Removing 1/3 of the grass stalk will not hurt, in fact it will stimulate the growth of the grass. Use a mulching mower if you have one.

Any weeds growing taller than the grass will have more than 1/3 of their stalk removed and that will set them back. If you want to add anything right now and you are leaving the clippings on the ground, after cutting the grass, mix one can of beer, 1/4 cup sugar, a tablespoon of non antibacterial dishwashing liquid detergent, preferably lemon scented and a tablespoon of ammonia in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer and water the lawn. This will increase and feed the soil microorganisms that will break down the clippings and turn them into lawn food. But it will be organic lawn food so will not burn the new grass. Of course it will help the weeds too but that can be taken care of next year.

The formula comes from the Jerry Baker specials you see on PBS during the begathons.

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