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House water pressure

We have an older house but all the water supply lines are copper. We have had a water pressure issue for a while now. It is the typical, in the shower and someone flushes the toilet, the pressure really drops. I didn't think that copper pipes would corrode inside reducing the water flow path. Is there a minimum pressure I should see at the input of the water meter? Should I call my water department and have them measure it or do I need to call a plumber?


Re: House water pressure

typical hoause pressure should be about 55 lbs. You can measure it your self by buying a pressure gage and hooking it up to your out side hose bib. if it is below 55 call the water department,

Re: House water pressure

I would have to say for city water service ... ideally 50 psi would be the target and if at or below 40 psi there's definately a problem.

Re: House water pressure


I will check it out.

Re: House water pressure

You can find a gauge for around $15 that will hook up to your hydrant. Measure the static (every thing off) pressure, and the open (1 fixture), Then 2 then three, Also while checking the static obsearve the meter for any usage. Your issue is most likely a volume problem. Under sized service and distribution tubing. Buuuuuuut youmayhavealeak. Let us know what you find out.

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