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House Washing Detergent

I'm looking for plant safe products to wash the exterior of my house.

I wash the exterior of my house every Spring and use off-the-shelf products. The more gentle of the two (deck wash) does a decent job on the Hardiplank siding; I reserve the more powerful product (Chomp Gutter Cleaner) for the black stains on the vinyl gutter. Although I use plenty of water and elbow grease, I'm concerned that both solutions are a bit too strong to use around my shrubs.

I welcome any recommendations on alternative / safe products that are effective.

Re: House Washing Detergent

I've used any number of household cleaning products one time or another. Sudsy ammonia and water, spic & span, Mr. Clean, TSP. Not sure if one worked better than another. The last one I used was liquid mr clean floor cleaner and hot water. It seemed to do a decent job of removing algae and dirt from the siding. It didn't seem to hurt the grass.

Re: House Washing Detergent

See if you can find this product.
D/2 Architectural Antimicrobial cleaner.
I use it on large construction jobs.
Works great but will be more costly than what you buy from the local stores.
I have to order it from Lime Works in PA.

Re: House Washing Detergent

Is what you're using now obviously hurting the plantings? If not and you're happy with their performance just keep using them. If you are seeing die-back then cover the plants with plastic (propped up on stakes if they won't support the plastic) and let it extend from the house outward on the ground. It won't catch everything but it will divert most of it away from the plants which should be good enough for the usual cleaners and plants.

Always read product labels when working around plants. Don't just say "It's always been fine everywhere else I've used it" because some chemicals affect only certain types of plants and you may not have used it around those exceptions till now. Read the label and if it's not clear, check the manufacturer's toll-free line or website before you commit unintentional plant-slaughter.

Speaking from sad experience,

Re: House Washing Detergent

I just use tap water and a power washer over my painted hardie siding once or twice a year. Been a a dozen or so years and still looks new.

Re: House Washing Detergent

I was going to suggest the same thing as HR: try just water with a pressure washer.

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