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House too tight

I recently had my complete house spray-foam insulated...lower walls to peak of roof. It's a Cape Cod style house. There are no vents. Every time I turn on an exhaust fan (bathroom, over stove, or even clothes dryer) I get a back draft down the furnace chimney. If the furnace fires I get smoke in my basement.
I searched Honeywell's website and even contacted them looking for a pressure sensititve fresh air venitlation system. No luck. I don't want to start cutting holes in my house for fresh air and proper flow. Any ideas?

Re: House too tight

Well I would definitely install a vent to bring air into the basement, That's carbon monoxide you're dealing with.

Re: House too tight

we just did a house here like this and they hooked an outside line in off one of the gable ends into the fresh air return of the duct work they installed a damper in the line to be able to regulate it for max effeciency

Timothy Miller
Re: House too tight

Super insullated homes need to have air changers installed so you get air changes to rid the home of polluntants. The exchangers keep the temp of the air in but change the air....

But most importantly get a carbon dioxide tester installed today.This currant situation could kill your homes occupants.
Consider cracking a window slightly to stop the down drafting. What type of furnace. if combustion do you have two 6" fresh air intake pipes one high and one low to allow fresh air for combustion and for the co2 to go up and out the chimney?
I would recomment venting your attic too. Is the foam closed or open cell?

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