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House Style? Help, please!

My husband and I purchased this house last year. We are new homeowners, and really, we weren't interested in architecture, style, or anything like that when we bought the house. I just thought it was beautiful! From what I gather from my husband's grandmother, the house used to be just single story. There was a stairway in the house, but it just led to the attic (staircase pictured below). The attic was at some point converted to livable space with 2 bedrooms and a half bath.

The first floor has a sizable living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room (that also houses the refrigerator) in the kitchen, one bedroom, and a full bath. There were two stained glass windows when we purchased it, one in the bathroom and one in this very small (and strange) 5x5 room off the dining room.

I am not sure when it was built, and I am not sure when the upstairs was finished. The house hadn't been lived in for 30+ years at the time of our purchase. The owner passed away a few weeks before we closed on the house, so we couldn't visit with her. Her grandchildren seem to remember the dining room being split into more than one room, and another community member seems to think that the now-kitchen used to take up its current space along with the 1st floor bedroom which makes me think that maybe the dining room used to be bedrooms??

I would appreciate any help you have to offer. From surveys to research, I have been led to believe that it is craftsman style with Victorian accents, but I am not sure. The "tower" (I'm not sure of the terminology) is accessable through the crawlspace upstairs, and directly below it is that 5x5 room with the stained glass I mentioned above. Thank you!

For pictures, please visit: houseofgoodin(dot)wordpress(dot)com and find the earliest entry. It'll be in the Archive section on the right, June 2011. Titled "Welcome to House of Goodin"

Sorry, I can't add links or pictures in my posts until I have 10 posts....Not trying to be difficult!

Re: House Style? Help, please!

found your site, and the pics of your house. It's got great potential! I love the tower too...Gives lots of character. I'd say beef up those columns, and give some larger windows. I'd probably remove the door on the left of the porch, and create a more attractive entry in the center. Hope this helps!

Re: House Style? Help, please!

Beautiful home! And you are correct, it is definitely a Craftsman style home. It does have Victorian accents but I'm not sure I'd label it as Victorian.

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